What is "SOS interior detox"?

"SOS interior detox" is the most practical, quick, effortless and fun way of transforming places in to well-designed interiors.

How does "SOS interior detox" work?

With the "SOS interior detox", interiors are designed, detoxed and refreshed in just a few days.

While detoxing process the SOS interior team aims to deliver the project in the shortest time. After examining the space and recognizing the space owners expectations, the project and manufacturing process is determined to be between 10-20 days. The interior will be totally refined and a new look will be achieved within only a few days' work, depending on the budget of the owner. "SOS interior detox" is effortless, the place is cleaned and delivered to life.

Where are "SOS interior detox" applied?

"SOS interior detox" claims that even interiors need to be detoxed as much as our bodies and minds.

"SOS interior detox" is applied in the interior which is old, boring, low energetic places.

Serra Özbay / Interior Designer SOS

Serra Özbay was born in İzmir, Turkey, in 1989. After graduating from İzmir University of Economics with a degree in Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, she studied business administration in London. Subsequently, she moved to İstanbul and started working on various restaurant, hotel and housing projects. As of 2016, Serra continues her career with her brand “SOS Interior”. She likes to take on residential projects where she can experiment with relationship between human psychology and the space. She writes for Habertürk newspaper and buseterim.com.tr. Haberturk | Buseterim.com.tr